Why choose silicon carbide ceramic membrane instead of alumina ceramic membrane?



Ceramic membrane is a kind of polymer membrane material with high separation function. Its natural material properties resulting the utilization advantages of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high permeate flux, long service life and so on. It has been widely used in petrochemical, food, medicine, environment, energy, metallurgy and other industries, as an emerging green membrane technology, the products varieties and market demand is rising rapidly.


As a new type of inorganic ceramic membrane, silicon carbide ceramic membrane has better performance than alumina ceramic membrane in chemical stability, thermal conductivity, pollution resistance, flux etc. Hence, the insufficient performance of alumina ceramic membrane under harsh conditions limits its further application in modern industry.


The application performance gap between silicon carbide ceramic membrane and alumina membrane mainly demonstrated in the below properties:


SiC ceramic membrane has higher flux thanks to the natural hydrophilicity.接触角.jpg

The water contact angle of alumina ceramic membrane is 27°, while that of silicon carbide ceramic membrane is only 0.3°.

In addition, the recrystallization process of silicon carbide ceramic membrane makes the porosity up to 45%, while the alumina ceramic membrane is only about 35%. These advantages make the flux per unit area of silicon carbide ceramic membrane 3~5 times that of alumina ceramic membrane, and the pure water flux is as high as 3200 LMH.

2Corrosion resistance


The above test data from soaking test shows that under the harsh condition of strong acid and strong alkali, the quality loss of silicon carbide ceramic membrane is less, with excellent chemical stability.


Another obvious advantage of silicon carbide ceramic membrane over alumina ceramic membrane is easy cleaning.


First of all, the negative charge environment on the surface of silicon carbide ceramic membrane makes the membrane more resistant to fouling, coupled with high porosity, backwashing can easily remove surface contaminants, such as colloids, suspended solids and oil droplets (As above picture show). In addition, a variety of cleaning schemes can be developed, and it can be cleaned and restored with higher concentration of chemicals without worrying about damaging to the membrane.

4.Using life

The service life of silicon carbide ceramic membrane is 2~3 times longer than that of alumina membrane.


With the increasing standard and requirements of industrial application such as liquid separation process and wastewater discharging all over the world, as a revolutionary membrane material, the application advantages of silicon carbide ceramic membrane becomes more prominent, choosing the silicon carbide ceramic membrane will become a new trend.

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