Tobacco leaves reconstitution by papermakingImpurity removal and pre-concentration of tobacco leaching liquid

In the process of producing tobacco slices by papermaking method, the extraction and separation of tobacco leaching liquid is not thorough enough, and a large number of impurities such as protein, starch, pectin and sugar remain in the centrifugal solution, which will bring miscellaneous gas to the cigarette. And the protein and sugar in tobacco are also one of the reasons for the production of tobacco tar. After direct concentration, the concentrated solution does not undergo any treatment, resulting in some shortcomings such as heavy miscellaneous gas, irritating taste and coarse product of tobacco flakes, thus reducing the function of thin slices in reducing tar release in cigarette formula.

In addition, the protein, starch, pectin and other substances contained in the tobacco leaching liquid are easy to adhere, coke and scale on the heat exchanger tube of the heat exchanger in the subsequent three-effect evaporation concentration process, which affects the quality of reconstituted tobacco leaves; it also causes potential problems such as difficult cleaning of concentration equipment, short cleaning cycle, long production cycle and so on.

Silicon carbide membrane is a kind of inorganic ceramic membrane with high flux, acid and alkali resistance, good mechanical properties, high filtration precision and long service life. Based on the excellent filtration performance of silicon carbide membrane, silicon carbide membrane separation device has been used to separate harmful impurities and improve the taste quality of tobacco. Through the production verification, the silicon carbide membrane has remarkable impurity removal effect, high flux and stable operation performance in the production process of tobacco leaching liquid.