Water Reuse with UF+RO Membrane

UF uses SiC membrane as pretreatment system

The problems of traditional pretreatment process are as follows

The contents of COD, NH3-N, microorganism, colloid and suspended solids in wastewater are high. The traditional "multi-media" + "activated carbon" filtration can not control SDI well, RO membrane and security filter are easy to be polluted and blocked. Frequent cleaning of RO membrane shortens the service life of RO membrane, resulting in the increase of operation cost and maintenance cost.

The new silicon carbide membrane process with ultrafiltration as pretreatment to solve this problem is called the best alternative to the traditional water treatment process.

Advantages of silicon carbide ultrafiltration replacing traditional pretreatment

1. It can effectively remove colloid, bacteria, bacteria and other substances

2. The effluent water quality is good and stable; 

3. The device is compact and occupies less land, and the management and maintenance is convenient;

4. The service life of RO membrane is extended; 

5. The chemical dosage is reduced;

6. The operation cost is low

Silicon caibide UF membrane water treatment application:

1. Raw water pretreatment (surface, underground, tap water)

a) Alternative clarifier

b) Alternative sand filter

c) Ro pretreatment

d) Ion exchange pretreatment

2. Purification treatment

a) Removal of particles

b) Removal of microorganisms and pyrogens

c) Ro or ion exchange post-treatment

3. Water Circulation and Reuse

a) After biochemical treatment

b) After clarification (secondary and tertiary)

UF+RO System introduction

  Dual membrane process of reclaimed water reuse is a kind of technology that takes industrial wastewater such as wastewater discharged from wastewater treatment plant, printing and dyeing water and electroplating wastewater as raw water, and then purifies the wastewater by double membrane process, and then reuses the industrial water after the effluent is collected. UF is the pretreatment system of RO, which adopts external pressure type ultrafiltration or immersion type ultrafiltration element and matching cleaning system to realize the full-automatic operation mode of the system; UF adopts silicon carbide membrane to remove particles, colloids, bacteria and other substances in water body through cross flow filtration, so as to provide water quality meeting the requirements of reverse osmosis. Under the action of external pressure driving force, RO system can remove soluble COD, bacteria, viruses, ions and other compounds in water. Reclaimed water reuse can be used for industrial water, urban miscellaneous water, etc., to realize the recovery and utilization of water resources; reclaimed water reuse is widely used in power plants, chemical parks, and barren land of water resources, and provides guarantee for water resources conservation and resource recycling.

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   The advanced double membrane treatment process (ultrafiltration + reverse osmosis) is adopted in the water purification room system project. The system adopts full-automatic unattended operation mode, and contains unlimited remote transmission function to realize remote monitoring, data analysis, system operation parameter adjustment, system early warning and other intelligent operations.