Application of silicon carbide membrane in food and beverage

In the production of fruit and vegetable juice, microfiltration and ultrafiltration were used to clarify and filter. Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis are used for concentration. When the juice is clarified by ultrafiltration, the bacteria will be retained by the membrane together with the filter residue, and can be mixed into the juice without heating. Using reverse osmosis technology to concentrate fruit and vegetable juice can improve the stability of fruit juice composition, reduce the volume for transportation, remove the bad substances and improve the flavor of fruit and vegetable juice. For example, almost all of the aromatic ingredients in fruit and vegetable juice are removed in the evaporation and concentration process, and only about 8% can be retained by freezing dehydrating method, and 30-60% can be retained by reverse osmosis technology.



Used in dairy industry

Reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration are mainly used to recover whey protein and concentrate milk. Compared with other methods, using membrane separation technology to process dairy products can reduce energy consumption and improve product quality. The reverse osmosis technology was used to concentrate thin milk to produce cheese and sweet yoghurt with satisfactory quality. Reverse osmosis technology was used to remove the trace penicillin from dairy milk, which greatly extended the shelf life of dairy products. When using ultrafiltration to concentrate whey protein, but also extract out of lactose, ash, etc.

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Production of alcohol

The ultrafiltration technology can be used to remove yeast, miscellaneous bacteria and colloidal substances remaining in the liquor and beverages, improve the clarity of the liquor, extend the storage period, and make the raw liquor mature slightly and shorten the old ripening device. After ultrafiltration treatment, the flavor of the wine is improved, becomes fresh and delicious, and mellow and lingering. This method can also avoid the hot sterilization of wine hard gas cloudy composition precipitation, simplify the filtration equipment. Wine, whisky, shochu, sake, yellow rice wine and so on.

The taste of draft beer is better than cooked beer, but it cannot be kept for a long time, which brings some difficulties to the sale of transport aircraft. The ultrafiltration technology for fine and aseptic filtration of beer can preserve draft beer for a long time without heating and sterilizing the shading.

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Soybean products industry

Membrane technology is the main application in the soybean products industry for the separation and recovery of proteins. Soy whey is produced in the production of soy milk, usually only 60% of the protein can be extracted from the method, using ultrafiltration to concentrate the residual protein can increase the yield of tofu by 20~30%. Ultrafiltration can also be used to remove the odor of bean deodouring and to improve the quality of soybean milk.