Application advantages of SiC Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane in MBR System


Application advantages of SiC Ceramic Flat Sheet Membrane in MBR System

1. Characteristics of silicon carbide ceramic material:

A:Excellent chemical stability;

B:Good thermal conductivity;

C:Good thermal stability,

2.Jmfiltec SiC ceramic flat sheet membrane has the following application advantages:

1. Silicon carbide flat sheet membrane has excellent hydrophilicity.

Very low water contact angle, the more hydrophilic the membrane surface the higher operating flux per unit filtration area.


2. Silicon carbide flat sheet membrane has strong fouling and corrosion resistance.

The membrane surface with high negative charge over a wide PH range, making it difficult for dissolved organic carbon and transparent outer polymer particles to adhere to the membrane surface. The quality loss test data below shows that our SiC flat sheet membrane with less quality loss after 168 hours soaking in different chemical liquids.


3. Easy to clean and long life span.

The interface between the separation layer and filtering medium can maintain the negative charge environment to form a special effect anti-fouling and oil resistance, as shown in the following test image algae, colloids, suspended solids, oil droplets and other substances are not easy to adhere.


Various cleaning schemes/options can be implemented, such as CEB/CIP.

The service life of our SIC flat sheet membrane is at least 2-3 times longer than that of alumina membrane.

It can be used for more than 5 years under strong acid, alkali, and high-temperature conditions, then membrane lifetime can reach more than 20 years in regular municipal application field.