The purpose of pilot test


What is pilot test in water treatment industry?

Pilot test is a small-scale evaluation or study of wastewater treatment processes and equipments within a limited time before a full-scale performance. It usually follows the exact same processes and procedures as its full-scale operation. In addition, pilot test is valuable in developing changes in and existing water treatment process to improve performance and/or reduce cost, this allows you to see what is working and what's not, then you can improve or adjust the whole system design based on the analysis result of the test or study. Most importantly, Pilot test enables the customers to verify the best feasibility of the proposed separation processes.

What is pilot unit?

The pilot units are designed for on-site pilot testing of silicon carbide membranes for filtration purposes. The units are made of essential components like raw water pumps, various transfer pumps, holding tanks, and membrane filters. It can be customized according to the customer's specific requirements of the water quality standard and treatment process.

Here listed below major types of pilot units for testing our silicon carbide membrane products on your water samples.

1. Integrated container type


2.Submerged flat sheet membrane pilot unit

jmfiltec sic flat sheet membrane pilot unit.jpg

3.silicon carbide tubular membrane pilot unit


4.Silicon carbide column type membrane pilot unit

jmfiltec column type type membrane pilot unit.jpg

5.Mini lab tester

sic membrane flat sheet membrane lab test.jpg

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