Mobile mini lab test unit

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  The membrane module with 1 m2 filtering area is built in (can be purchased separately), and the membrane module has been integrated into the aeration pipe

  It is suitable for short-term and small water quantity qualitative test

  It only has the basic functions of filtration, backwashing and aeration

  ●Manually record the parameters of the system operation

Container type integrated pilot unit


   ●It is applicable to the field test at the time of entry

   ● A single membrane tower built into the system (1 to 8 membrane components)                 

    The system fully simulates the actual full operation process: filtration, backwash, aeration, spraying, CEB&CIP, membrane pool emptying and refilling, etc

   ● Automatic record system running parameters

SIC tubular membrane tester


  ●Suitable for medium or long-term testing on spot.

  Silicon carbide tubular membrane elements with 4 ㎡- 25㎡ are built into the system.

  The system completely simulates the actual whole operation process: filtration, backwashing, CEB & CIP.

  Automatically/ manually record various parameters of the running system