Silicon carbide MCR tubular membrane-2021 innovative membrane separation technology

MCR tubular membrane is specially developed for solid-liquid separation of materials with high solid content.

It can be combined with chemical dosing processes such as double alkali method and flocculation, and the chemical agent can be used to change the physical particle size of the targeted removal from ions and small molecules to suspended flocs or particles larger than 0.04um, and the effluent quality of the filtrate can be ensured by high precision filtration of MCR tubular membrane. This product is suitable for desulphurization wastewater and circulating water softening in thermal power plants, reclaimed water reuse in electroplating industry, landfill leachate and other fields.

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MCR Membrane Technical Parameter

Item type

Housing Material


Effective filtration area (m²)

Filtration accuracy(um)






Technical advantages:

1.Simple operation

It can directly replace the sedimentation tank, V-shaped filter, sand filtration, carbon filtration, and ultrafiltration, and simplify the process section.

2.High removal rate

The pollutant is filtered by the membrane under the condition of the lowest solubility in water.

3.Low cost

It can be directly used as the pretreatment of the RO system, saving equipment costs.