Silicon carbide flat sheet membrane

Characteristics of silicon carbide flat membrane

High purity silicon carbide powder is sintered at high temperature, which is the best membrane material with hydrophilicity and pollution resistance

  • The membrane surface with high negative charge has excellent pollution resistance over a wide pH range.
  • Ideal operating conditions - PAC additions with pH less than 6. The membrane surface can maintain a negative charge of -25~-30 millivolts, making it difficult for dissolved organic carbon and transparent outer polymer particles to adhere to the membrane surface.
  • It is easy to remove negatively charged substances in the water from the surface of the membrane, such as bacteria, algae, MLSS, transparent polymer particles and oils.
  • Membrane module
  • membrane tower

Specification parameters of silicon carbide flat membrane

Effective filtration area 0.177㎡
The average pore diameter 100nm
PH 1-14
Operating temperature 5-40℃
The dimensions L600×W145×T6mm
Sealing way O-ring seal
Maximum working pressure -700mbar
Maximum backwash pressure 3bar
flux 50-1000L/㎡·hr
Cleaning method Backwash/air-scrub/high-pressure jet/chemical cleaning
Main technical parameters of JMtech-SicFs-Module-34 membrane Module
The dimensions L700xW579xH160mm
Number of filling diaphragms 34 pieces JMtech - SICFS - 600 * 145-0.177
Filtration area of a single membrane module 6㎡

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