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JMFILTEC is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to the research, development and production of high-quality pure silicon carbide membranes with fully proprietary intellectual property rights. The invention patent of pure silicon carbide membrane was applied in 2013 and authorized in 2016.

JMFILTEC has not only established a R&D center for silicon carbide Membrane preparation and application technology but also owns the advanced production equipment for ultra-high temperature carbon composite material preparation in East China.

JMFILTEC is a leading manufacturer of pure silicon carbide ceramic membranes in China with a production capacity of 100000 square meters per year. We provide wide product specifications of small and large diameter multi-channel silicon carbide tubular membrane,and SiC flat sheet membrane, in addition, we also provide test & pilot units.Welcome OEM requests.

Innovation-A new generation of inorganic ceramic membrane

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  SiC membrane can effectively separate suspended particles and oil droplets in water treatment without being affected by the quality of water supply. Its stable and durable characteristics can effectively reduce downtime and installation costs. It is considered to be a new separation membrane which is expected to replace various inorganic membranes. 

  JMFILTEC is committed to sharing high-quality silicon carbide membrane products and application technology with the world, and winning the future with innovation. SIC membrane as the future filtration technology, we looking forward to your attention and further discussion.

We provide it for you

  • SiC tubular membrane tester

  • SiC flat sheet membrane tester

Testing services

Qualitative analysis of separation effect | Systematic design parameter extraction

  • 3D design service for tubular membrane

  • 3D design service for flat sheet membrane system

Selection and design of membrane products

Process flow chart | System configuration list | Rack and pipe connection diagram | 3 d design

  • The company was founded

  • Silicon carbide membrane was successfully developed
    Implement liqun Tobacco Phase I project

  • Membrane preparation invention patent authorization
    Implement liqun Tobacco Phase II project

  • Large diameter silicon carbide membrane was successfully developed
    Won the bid for Henan Tobacco project

  • Research and development Center for the preparation of built - up membrane
    Realize the first product export

  • Annual output of 100,000 square meters of silicon carbide membrane
    Standard modern plant put into use