Aquatech 2021 Exhibition Report


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The three-day Aquatech China(Shanghai international water trade show) was grandly held in National Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai. Jmfiltec unveiled the two new products to the audienceupgraded silicon carbide column membrane and MCR tubular membrane, this two stars received tremendous favor and inquiries.


1.  Silicon carbide column membrane is a product that competes with the standard hollow fiber organic ultrafiltration membrane, which has the characteristics of "high flux, corrosion resistance, easy cleaning and long life". It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional organic ultrafiltration membrane, such as non-chemical resistance to washing, wire breaking, high influent quality, non-oil resistance and low recovery rate, and the application technology of silicon carbide column membrane is highly close to that of traditional organic ultrafiltration membrane, it breaks down the barrier of application technology, Pumps using, control systems and other related hardware, no need to make any changes, only need to replace the rack and piping.


 2.MCR tubular membrane is an innovative product competing with those other organic tubular membrane brands like POREX, Duraflow, this product can be combined with double alkali, flocculation, and other chemical dosing process, the use of chemicals to change the physical particle size of the targeted removals from ions, small molecules and other forms to suspended flocs or particles larger than 0.04um, through the high-precision filtration of MCR tubular membrane to ensure the effluent quality of the filtrate. This product is suitable for desulphurization wastewater and circulating water softening in thermal power plants, reclaimed water reuse in the electroplating industry, landfill leachate and other fields.

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Through this exhibition, we have a further understanding and discussion of the demands of the industry, it helps to enhance the company's brand awareness and influence. Jmfiltec is dedicated to becoming the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality silicon carbide membrane and application technology service provider. We will continue to challenge ourselves, optimize our products, keep on innovating, improve application technical services, and constantly develop products that are closer to market demand and bring greater value to our customers.