Integrated Membrane treatment Water Purification Project 

Introduction of integrated water purification system

The integrated (emergency) membrane treatment water purification device combines membrane treatment water purification technology with container in a new integrated way, creating a new water purification idea with high integration, excellent performance and convenient transportation. The integrated membrane treatment water purification device takes river water, brackish water and sea water as water source, and purifies it into drinking water or boiler water with higher quality through membrane technology. The device adopts full-automatic operation mode and contains wireless remote transmission function to realize intelligent operation such as remote monitoring, real-time adjustment and system early warning. The integrated water purification device has perfect functions, with standardized design, equipment supply, modular installation, automatic control and other characteristics.

Technical Parameter

Power supply:380V AC  50HZ

Operating temperature: 10-35℃

Dimensions:   20GP/40GP

Raw water:        Drinking water, brackish water, sea water 

 Water yield(m³/d)

Container size

Area covered(㎡)


JM-CUF1000100020GP40sand filter+UFDrinking Water
JM-CUF2500250040GP100sand filter+UFDrinking Water
JM-CUF+RO70070020GP*280sand filter+UF+ROBWRO
JM-CUF+RO1500150040GP*2150sand filter+UF+ROBWRO
JM-RO50040020GP40sand filter+SWROSeawater desalination
JM-RO100080040GP100sand filter+SWROSeawater desalination

Process flow

Under the action of pressure difference, the water can pass through the porous silicon carbide membrane. The pore diameter of the silicon carbide membrane is about 0.03 μ m, which allows the passage of small molecules and soluble solids. Meanwhile, suspended solids, colloids, proteins, bacteria, viruses and macromolecular organic matters (molecular weight between 100000 and 200000 daltons) are intercepted on the surface of the membrane to achieve the purpose of water purification 。 The water yield of UF SiC membrane is related to the content of suspended solids and other impurities in the influent. The ultrafiltration device is usually suitable for use under the condition of low influent suspended solids, otherwise, frequent backwashing will occur during operation.

When the silicon carbide ultrafiltration membrane device has been running for a period of time, the impurities retained by the silicon carbide membrane adhere to the membrane surface, resulting in the decrease of the water production of the silicon carbide membrane and the increase of the pressure difference at the outlet. When the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet reaches a certain value, regular backwashing is required to remove the impurities on the surface of the silicon carbide membrane and restore the flux of the silicon carbide membrane. The operation, backwashing and chemical enhanced dosing backwashing of ultrafiltration system can be carried out automatically. When backwashing and chemically enhanced dosing backwashing can not effectively restore the water production flux of SiC membrane and reduce the pressure difference between inlet and outlet, chemical cleaning is needed

Engineering case

UF and RO.jpg

                                                         Integrated membrane treatment water purification device

Taking the river water as the water source, the water is purified and treated by the integrated membrane treatment water purification device into the drinking water, which increases the water volume of 2000 t / D for the water plant, and the produced water and the original water plant water enter the clean water pool together, which improves the overall water quality and solves the local water shortage.