Application of silicon carbide flat sheet membrane in MBR (Membrane bioreactor)


Membrane bioreactor is integrated into membrane separation technology on the basis of traditional biological treatment. As a new and efficient water treatment technology, membrane bioreactor has incomparable advantages over traditional biological treatment. In recent years, MBR has been widely used in the treatment of urban domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.

The advantages of silicon carbide flat sheet membrane for MBR (membrane bioreactor) are as follows:

1. The membrane filtration tank occupies a small area and has a high space utilization rate, which is especially suitable for the buried sewage treatment plant. 

2. No need for off-line cleaning, easy operation and maintenance.

3. The life cycle of a membrane element is over 10 years.

4. High working efficiency per unit membrane area, designed flux range 45LMH~80LMH.

5. Low maintenance cost, low backwash frequency and unique spray cleaning process to ensure low drug consumption and restore the performance of film components.

6. Unique membrane component structural design, like lego bricks easy to assemble and disassemble


                                                     MBR System 1                                   MBR System 2

Installation of SiC flat sheet membrane MBR system

Step 1:Aeration pipe fixed at the bottom of filtration tank                                                         


  Step 2: Positioning the module tower





Step 3: Installation of sprinkler pipes  


Step 4: Installation of filtered water header pipes