Application of Silicon Carbide UF membrane in liquid waste

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Due to the excellent characteristics and performance of the SIC material, at present, the silicon carbide tubular membrane products as the core to the green treatment technology of liquid hazardous waste has been widely used in China:

Metal surface treatment industry-cleaning fluid, degreasing fluid, grinding fluid purification and reuse.



Metal products in the processing and manufacturing, product assembly, product warehousing, product packaging for sale, etc. are inseparable from the cleaning process.Cleaning can effectively remove all kinds of dirt and impurities attached to the metal surface, ensure the cleanliness of metal products, and greatly slow down the corrosion and wear of metal products.

Along with the cleaning process, the surface of metal products such as miscellaneous oil, particles, debris and other dirt will continue to mix into the cleaning fluid, leading to dirty, deteriorated, smelly, cleaning performance degradation and other issues. In order to ensure the cleaning effect of metal products, it is necessary to replace the cleaning fluid regularly, therefore, the liquid waste is produced.

Technical principle

The high precision filter aperture of silicon carbide membrane can intercept the harmful components such as impurity oil, particulate matter, bacteria and so on in the cleaning liquid, which is a green pure physical filtration.

Advantages of silicon carbide membrane filtration

1. green technology to achieve source reduction.

Using pure physical technology, no chemicals, no damage to the components of the cleaning fluid, cleaning fluid recycling.

2. Control the growth of microorganisms from the source and make the cleaning solution stink.

The high-precision microporous filtration of 0.04um can ensure the interception of 99.99% of the bacteria in the cleaning fluid.

3. Recover the cleaning ability of cleaning liquid and realize recycling.

The system can effectively solve the problems of odor, oil content and particulate matter that affect the service life of the cleaning fluid. 

4. The equipment operates automatically, stable and reliable.

The equipment can run continuously and automatically for 7 × 24 hours, with low power consumption, simple operation and maintenance.

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1. Prolong the service life of cleaning fluid and reduce the cost.

2. Reduce the discharge of hazardous waste and the cost of waste liquid treatment.

3. Reduce the pressure of environmental protection and ensure occupational health.

4. Improve cleaning ability and product quality.

Purification and reuse of cutting and grinding fluids in glass processing industries such as electronics and optics


Cutting fluid is a kind of industrial liquid used to cool and lubricate tools and workpieces in metal cutting and grinding process. Metal cutting emulsion is widely used in the processing of metals and their alloys. Its waste liquid belongs to the category of hazardous waste hw09, which has a great negative impact on the environment. Moreover, it is very difficult to treat because oil and water are closely combined to form a stable emulsion, which is known as industrial wastewater cancer. The traditional distillation, biological and adsorption methods have high cost, poor treatment effect and great harm to the environment. The fully automatic cutting fluid treatment equipment with silicon carbide membrane as the core component can not only recycle the waste cutting fluid after reaching the standard, but also concentrate and reduce the non recyclable waste liquid, bringing double economic benefits to customers.

Technical principle 

The high-precision filter aperture of SiC membrane intercepts the harmful components such as miscellaneous oil, particulate matter and bacteria in the polluted cutting fluid, which is a green pure physical filtration. 

Advantages of silicon carbide membrane filtration 

1. Effective solution to the problem of oil and debris at the same time.瓶子.png

2. Pure physical technology does not damage the effective components of cutting fluid, and the treated cutting fluid meets the reuse requirements.

3. 24-hour online automatic processing system, easy to use and small maintenance workload.

Application value of silicon carbide membrane in liquid hazardous waste

1. Reduce production cost: prolong the service life of cutting fluid (2-3 times), realize resource reuse and reduce hazardous waste emission (> 60%).

2. Extend tool life: reduce tool wear, control processing temperature and extend tool life.

3. Improve the processing quality: remove nano particles, reduce surface scratches, ensure precision machining, and improve the qualified rate of products.

4. Reduce environmental risk: reduce the discharge of hazardous waste, reduce the burden of environmental protection, and prevent the legal risk of environmental protection.

5. Improve occupational health: inhibit microorganisms, eliminate odor, avoid skin damage and reduce employment risk.

Services that JMFILTEC can provide

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Test service:

Sample sending test or door-to-door test.

Industrial design of solution:

System 3D design, process flow chart, system configuration list, rack and pipeline connection diagram, etc.

Equipment manufacturing:

Support the whole machine purchase or lease mode and charge according to the processing capacity.